Sunday, January 16, 2011

I was an idiot

  They outwitted me in Lohu, the border town shopping center in Shenzhen, China.  A friend, a Hong Kongnese, took me to Shenzhen Thursday, 1/13, our day off.  Lots of people from Hong Kong go there to shop as it's cheaper.  Elwin and I went a couple of weeks ago and found groceries a lot cheaper, so I was excited to go with a local to show me around.

   Mistake...we went in to get our nails done and a pedicure, plus foot rub, all for RMB $50, or less than US$8.  Good deal, right?  Well, a lady came and sat next to me and started telling me that I needed to have my eyebrows done, and she would shape them for free.  If I liked it, she would fix it for me.  I told her no, but she was right in my face and started working on my eyebrows.  Before I knew it, she was plucking my eyebrow.  I told her to stop, but she kept on saying I'd like what she was doing.  My hands and feet were all tied up with 2 people working on them and I couldn't get up.  So, I told her if she didn't stop, I was calling the manager.  Then, she said:  coming on, you are from Taiwan, you can pay for this service with your credit card.  I reminded her that it was supposed to be free.  She laughed.  She said it was a RMB$3000 service and she would only charge me $1500.  I was aghast.  She saw my reaction and whispered in my ear that she would only charge me RMB$750.  By this time she was done with my left brow, and started working on my right.  I looked into the little mirror she gave me and was horrified to see what she had done.  She had completely reshaped my left eyebrow.  To make the long story short, I ended up paying them HK$800 or a little over US$100.

    Well, I don't look the same as you remember me anymore.  Kai and Kang, you may need to redo my wii picture.  My eyebrows are quite different now, they have been changed forever.  If you see me with my bangs over my eyebrows, you'll know why.


  1. That's so horrible! I'm sorry. I hope they'll grow back. I guess once you get one done, you can't leave the other undone. It doesn't look bad, just different. We still recognize you! Love, Wileys

  2. That is awful! You were totally dive-bombed! It costs about $5-$10 to get your eyebrows done here.

  3. OH no! That's crazy! Don't forget your pepper spray next time!