Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

    We made it to Church in record time, 48 minutes. today, Sunday, May 29.  It was because Bus 104 (takes us to Church in Wan Chai) at Hung Hom MTR station was there loading their seemingly "tons" of people.  It kept loading and loading, giving us time to run from the train station to the bus stop.  Wow, lucky us...we would have been late if we had to wait for another bus.

   We heard three people speak to us this Sunday.  They all talked about listening to the Spirit as it whispers to us to give us directions, warnings, and comfort.  After the church service, two young ladies were baptized.  They bore testimonies of how they came to meet the missionaries and felt the Spirit.  One young lady, Sister Yang, was attending another church at the time when she came across the missionaries.  They invited her to attend church with us, and she immediately felt the spirit when she walked in.  She has been coming and bore testimony that this is the happiest day of her life to find the a church that she truly feels that she belongs to.  We were touched by her spirit.

   After church, we came home and fixed a chicken and rice casserole for the dear friend who has been sick.  At 4 PM, one of our student-friends, from Shandong University days, sent his brother to see us.  Henzer and his brother Hayden live in Shenzhen.  Hayden is graduating with a Master's degree in IT and is looking for a job.  He sent his resume for Elwin to critique.  So, Elwin invited him to our house to interview him and to help him finish up his resume.  They spent 3 hours talking and sharing ideas.  Hayden left happy.  We hope his job hunting is successful!

   Monday, May 30, is our p-day.  After doing our p-day work, we headed for Ocean Park, an amusement park in Hong Kong.  It was a beautiful day, in the 70's, and we had a fabulous time.  We even took a roller-coaster ride, and Elwin did just fine.  He's ridden many roller coasters, and this one was tame. No worries!  We spent about 3 hours there and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.  The Wiley's will enjoy this very much.

   Something eventful happened on Tuesday, May 24, when an Apostle from the Church came to speak to us.  A special missionary meeting was called at 3 PM on that day.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came to visit and his talk focused on the young missionaries.  He gave them praises for coming on a mission for the Church.  He, then, admonished them to be diligent in proclaiming the gospel, to listen to the Spirit and to be the emissaries for the Lord.  It was a very powerful talk as I saw these young missionaries (around 100) came out of the meeting very touched.  On Wednesday night, Elder Holland spoke to the Hong Kong saints at the Wan Chai Church Building, while Elder Bednar spoke to the single adults at the Kowloon Tong Church Building.  Unfortunately, we were on duty at the Temple and were not able to attend either one of the meetings.  The Temple stayed open during this time, and we did have a couple of visitors from the US at that time.  We did feel very special to have the Apostles visiting us here in Hong Kong.

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  1. Ocean Park sounds and looks fun!

    I read an article at the newsroom at about the visit. Didn't know Elder Bednar was going to be there too! What a great experience to hear them speak in person!