Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time to get back to the blog:  Since the temple was closed for 2 weeks for maintenance work, we were able to do some traveling.

We'll start out with our Sunday blog first, then take you back to the last 2 weeks for our great trip.

When we went to Church in Wanchai Sunday, it was like entering a different ward/branch.  Luckily, most of the missionaries were still there. So we knew we were at the right place.

The Sacrament speakers included a lady who came back to visit Hong Kong after serving a mission and is now going to a law school in the States.  She was raised in Toronto, Canada.  Her testimony was truly awesome.  She told of the story of her grandmother and her grandmother's conversion, which  brought tears in my eyes as we experienced a lot of the similar things.  Then, Elder K spoke because he will be going home in a couple of weeks.  I was so impressed at how well these missionaries have picked up the language.  He did the whole talk in Mandarin Chinese.  Incredible!

We were asked to go work with the youth at the Sunday School.  It was so fun to watch their energy.  After the church services, there were 3 people being baptized into the church.  One man was in his 60's and told us he had been waiting for the right moment to join the Church.  We are glad he did.  The other two told us the struggles and challenges they faced to gain their testimonies.

It was a long day at church.  We spent two hours on the road, 3 hours for the regular services, 2 hours for the baptisms.  We were so tired that after we got on the MTR (1st class coach), we went to sleep.  We didn't wake up until we passed our station.  It was so funny.  We grabbed our stuff and jumped out when we found out we were already almost to the China Border.  We hopped on the MTR going the other way and were home by 4 PM.

We spent the evening with the Wilsons.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, then we shared the photos of our trips from the past 2 weeks.  It was a lot of fun.

The next temple break is from Nov. 28 through Dec. 12.  We are looking forward to it as Elaine and her family will be visiting us in Hong Kong.

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  1. Sounds like a fulfilling day! It's great that you have neat experiences wherever you go!