Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dinner @Dan Ryan's

     Jeanne, an old friend of ours from Church in Taiwan invited us to have dinner at Dan Ryan's at the Festival Walk in Kowloon.  Dan Ryan's is a Chicago steak house and is very popular with Westerners.  It's quite expensive so we haven't been there very much.  You can imagine our surprise when we realized that Jeanne had invited all the missionaries in the Branch, all 12 of us.  Wow...

     She has done this with the missionaries regularly and they knew the drills - get whatever you want!  First, there were 2 platters of nacho cheese, then their famous rolls.  Then came the dinner, two of them had Live Boston lobsters, four had ribs, three had prime ribs, one had lasagna, one had Reuben sandwich, one had hamburger, and the last one had the pork chops.  The manager treated us all to cheese cake, Tiramasu, and brownie with ice-cream at the end.

     We all wobbled out of there.  I hate to think how much all these cost.  I know the hamburger cost US$15.  We met Jeanne and Lynn when we lived in Taiwan, 1977-1982.  Lynn and Stan Winters were missionary companions when they served in the LDS Taiwan mission.  We all became good friends living in Taiwan.  After we went back to the States, Jeanne and Lynn stayed in Taiwan and Hong Kong for a few more year, then went back to live in Salt Lake.  Jeanne finished her Masters' degree and was teaching Chinese at the University of Utah while Lynn worked for Hallmark and Disney.  Then we lost contact of each other.  It was so fun to meet them in our Church Branch again in Hong Kong.  Jeanne is teaching at the Hong Kong International School.  We feel like we have family in Hong Kong now.

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  1. I bet it was delicious! The Elders look pretty happy! I'm sure they're happy to have a break from ramen once in a while! :-)