Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nan Lian Garden (Kowloon)

   We took time to visit the Lan Lian Garden on Saturday, 2/12 when we were going to that area to get something fixed.  We took the East Rail MTR, switched to Kwun Tong Rail and got off on Diamond Hill.  We stopped at the Hollywood Mall first to have lunch.  It's a big beautiful mall with all the big name stores, such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, etc.  We had lunch at the food court and enjoyed the variety there.  We then headed for the park.  Here is a description of the park.  It's well worth visiting.

    Nan Lian Garden is a wonderful public park built in the ancient style of the Tan Dynasty (AD 618-907).  The scenic garden is meticulously landscaped over an area of 3.5 hectares, in which every hill, rock, body of water, plant and timber structure is placed according to specific rules and methods.  Open 7 am - 9 pm daily and is free.

    Above the garden and connected by a bridge is the Chi Lin Nunnery, another must-see attraction in Kowloon.  This magnificent wooden building underwent a multi-million dollar renovation using oly traditional wooden dowelling and brackets, and no nails.  The 3.2 hectare site, comprising various Buddhist halls, is a living museum of the Tang Dynasty.

    Following is a slideshow of our visit to the garden, but the Chi Lin Nunnery is not included because we ran out of time.  Will post when we visit sometime later.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how everything is covered! I think I'll try some of those techniques in our yard! What was up with the plant in the cage? Was that a bonsai or azalea?

  2. It's an orange berry bonsai tree that's special. So it's in cage so no one can touch it.

  3. A lot of it reminds me of Japan.