Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 20, 2011

    Our week started with p-day, Monday, March 14.  We cleaned up our apartment quickly as you know we only have 450 square-foot to deal with.  We talked to our children and grandchildren on Skype, which is always the highlight of our week.  We didn't talk to I-Shuan and Ryan as they were in South Africa visiting Ryan's parents who were on a church mission there.

    Monday, March 14, we set out to see the famous "Victoria Park Flower Show" in Causeway Bay.  We met the Arnell's at the Sha Tin MTR station, then on down to Hung Hom.  Then we got on Bus #102, crossed through the under-bay tunnel, and were at the park within minutes.

     This year, the theme flower is "Primula".  The profuse displays of exquisite potted plants, beautiful floral arrangements and gorgeous landscape displays were a sheer delight for the senses as you can see on the slideshow above.  But, it was "mountain people, mountain sea" (lots of people), hot and humid.  Elwin and I were done within an hour after we got there.  But, we stayed around for a while.  Then, we walked to "Time Square", about a mile away, to have lunch.  It is a big beautiful mall with a great food court.  All had good old American hamburgers at Triple O's (a Canadian company), but I was adventurous that day and had Indian curry in the paratha bread.  It was good and spicy.  

     After lunch, we hopped onto the "ding ding", a skinny street car and rode to Kennedy Town.  Follow this link and take a ride with us.  The cost was 15 cents and how fun that was!

'Ding Ding' Hong Kong Tram


     Sunday Service at Church this week included a talk by the newly baptized young man. It was amazing and we were so delighted to have him with us. We taught our Sunday School class and loved those in our class. We had fun learning together. One thing for sure, we know our Heavenly Father loves us all.

     We worked in the afternoon shift at the temple this week.  Again, we enjoy the peaceful feeling we get going to the temple.  It was especially wonderful to meet some members from Hainan Island, China's southern-most province to the east of north Vietnam; a couple from Heilongjiang, the very northern east part of China near Siberia; and another couple from Chung Shan, the city in Guangdong province where Dr. Sun, Yat-sen was born.  It is always exciting to meet people from so many different places in China.  It was yet another special week.


  1. The flowers are amazing! I wonder why there are so many displays like that in Asia (from pictures we saw of you in China a few years ago) and I've never seen ONE like that in the US! Beautiful!

  2. My theory is that in Asia, many people live in tight quarters without much room for flower gardens. So, there are always beautiful gardens for people to go to visit and enjoy. Also, Asians love nature. Consequently the tax dollars go to building parks and gardens. We've seen many in the States too, such as "rose gardens" in Portland, "fields of flowers" in Carlsbad, CA, botanical gardens in NY, NJ, and many other states have similar things.