Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Feb. 27, 2011

      This has been a good and productive week.  We served many members from China as they came for their annual visits to the temple coupled with Church administration training.   Due to the unrest in the middle East, they are being watched closely by the government to make sure that they are not in some way linked to organizing or encouraging unrest in China.  Although the Church has had a spotless reputation in China for the last 30 years, they still do not fully trust foreign influence.  We understand their feelings as they have received a lot of negative influence, including from "foreign" religions, for the last 150 years.

    Saturday was our day off.  We went to get Elwin's laptop serviced again.  The first time was due to it shutting down by itself.  They wiped the hard drive and reloaded the OS and MS Office.  We then went to Tsim Sha Tusi to get tickets for the Yunnan Acrobatics Show in March.  After much walking, we were disappointed that the tickets were sold out.
    Sunday was another good day as we attended church in Wan Chai.  We had Scott, Doris, and 4 Fanling missionaries over for dinner at 3:30.  The menu was: teriyaki chicken, pork chops, candied sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, corn, green salad, croissant rolls, and blonde brownies for dessert.  Scott gave a very good overview of Modern Chinese history.  Elwin gave a rendition of the Taiwan history.  We all learned a lot.  It was a good week!  But how time flies!  It'll be March next week!


  1. What a neat perspective you have there! The menu at your dinner was over the top, Mom. Pretty typical. :)

  2. Yeah, Mom! You'd think it'd take a while to get used to new ingredients and not being able to find everything you are used to but you seem to be able to prepare an amazing feast wherever you go!