Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Sep. 4, 2011

A week to remember, a break through on Elwin's condition...

     Elwin had a checkup with Dr. Fung, his cardiologist, after the stent was put in in April .  Looking at the results of the blood tests, all the numbers; total cholestrial, HDL, LDL, Blood sugar, A1C, all in perfect range!  Yet, he continued to be out of breath going up that dreadful hill called Kent Road leading to the temple, on the steps going up to Hong Hom MTR Station, and other tens of steps that's part of the Hong Kong subway system.  We thought it could be the hot and humid weather contributing to his problems.  Our son, Kong, said to check on dad's medications and supplements, while Elwin was also starting to suspect that some supplements might be the culprits.  Elwin decided to cut down on his Omega 3, ALA and baby aspirin intake.  Each day, his color seemed to look better and he seemed not to have as many struggles going up those hills and steps.  Yes, some supplements were causing his blood to be too thin, hence, the dizziness and headaches when he climbed steps.  He is back on the ALA and the baby aspirin, and he is feeling better each day.  Thanks to Kong and y'all for keeping us in your prayers. 

     On our P-day, we and the Deans went to Shenzhen for lunch at the MixC Mall.  The Teppanyaki lunch was delicious and we found yet another Wal Mart next to the mall.  The mall is only about 20-30 minutes away from Fanling where we live making it very convenient for us to go.
P-day with the Dean's

     We had the privilege of meeting a group of Malaysian members who came to visit the Hong Kong Temple this week.  It's always amazing to see our visitors from afar, with various languages, peoples, cultures, and yet with one same goal:  to enter the House of the Lord.  The Malaysian members spoke mostly English, but translations into various languages are always available to all who come.

    We were also privileged to have visitors from Salt Lake on Tuesday, August 30.  Elder Russell T. Osguthorpe, the General Sunday School President, and Elder Andrian Ochoa, the 2nd Counselor in the General Young Men's Presidency, came to Hong Kong and conducted firesides for the missionaries and the general membership of the Church here.  The Temple remained open during their firesides, so we didn't get a chance to attend.  Elder Osguthorpe was the Dean of Instructional Technology at BYU and had offered me a job teaching there when I received my Ph.D.  He holds a special place in my heart.  He is a master teacher and a man of God.  We so appreciate all of the leaders of the Church who come to visit.
      One of the temple workers from mainland China asked me to teach her conversational English.  Because she wasn't able to come to the temple regularly, I suggested that we meet online on Skype.  We started this week and it was an interesting experience.  Four of her church friends asked to participate.  Since we are doing a general everyday conversation in English, I thought it would be okay.  It was difficult since each had very different experiences with English (or none), and age group, it is quite a challenge.  But, I was glad to be able to provide a service to these members of the Church.

      Elwin and I are especially happy to welcome temple visits from our Mandarin Speaking Branch.  Some of them aren't able to come during their regularly scheduled temple day, so they come on a day when they can.  It makes our days very special to see how people take time to come.  One such person is Sister Feng.  She took the temple preparation class from us a couple of months ago, and has been faithful in coming to visit the temple.  We also met a sister from Beijing who came to spend 4 days at the temple this week.  How special it is to  see this young lady's happy smiles as she enters the temple each day.

      On Saturday, Sep. 3, the English Corner group met again on Skype for 5 people.  Our kids had purchased a premium Skype membership for us to be able to have up to 10 people on video conference at the same time.  Unfortunately, because of the bandwidth, we were only able to have audio with most of them.  It's a challenge to teach a conversion class using only audio.  Later that day, we went to Shenzhen to meet a former student from Shandong University that we met in our teaching days back in 2008-2009.  Henzer (his name) brought his girl friend  and we had a great reunion.  They will come to Hong Kong to visit us when she gets a visa.
      Sunday, September 4 was a fast and testimony meeting and we enjoyed hearing members bearing their testimonies.  Following are some excerpts:

Brother Yang:  Went on vacation to Beijing and was able to find the spot where President David O. McKay dedicated China for the preaching of the gospel.  He read the prayer to us and it was so special to hear that President McKay did this on January 9, 1921.  We all hope and pray that the Chinese Government will allow missionaries to go into China in the near future.

Brother Jamisen:  He was given a couple of opportunities to work in Hong Kong or China as a lawyer.  After many prayers, he and his wife decided that the Lord wanted him to make his own decision and do a good job.  It was a great realization for him.  They are very happy living in Hong Kong.

Sister Lo:  Served a 2-week summer mission in Hong Kong.  It was a great experience for her even though all of her friends wanted her to spend the last days of summer with them before graduation.  She was touched by the devotion of the missionaries for taking 18-24 months of their lives to serve a mission in Hong Kong.

     We had the missionaries over for dinner after church.  Since it was the U.S. Labor Day weekend, we decided to celebrate the holiday with some traditional foods even though it's not celebrated here.  Following is a list of what we served for dinner:

Homemade Baked Beans  (click on link for recipe, it's delicious)
Hamburgers, Teriyaki chicken sandwiches
Roasted Potatoes and Onions 
Chinese Mango pudding with fruit cocktail 

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