Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Small Step for the hikers, One Giant Step for Elwin

He's on top of the world...well, on top of Butterfly Mountain any way.

When we first came to Hong Kong, Elwin had a hard time to even climb 1/3 of the way up to the top of the mountain path behind our apartment complex.  After putting in a stent, we thought he would be cured.  But, he didn't even go up as much as the 1/3 that he did when we first got here.  He continued to have dizzy spills, out of breath moments whenever he had to go up (on his own).  Then, one day, the light bulb got turned on, he had too much blood thinner; Plavix, aspirin, fish oils, etc.  Kong, our son, called and said to check Dad's meds.  Well, when Elwin put 2 and 2 together, in his scientific mind, he said:  too much blood thinner.  Being very logical, careful, obedient, he called up his cardiologist, and had a discussion.  After spending $4000 HK, the cardiologist agreed to let Elwin back off the fish oils.  After that, he felt better each and every day.

On our P-day, October 31, he said to me:  let's go climb Butterfly Mountain.  Of course, I obliged.  He did so well, no one would have even suspected that he had any heart problems.  My conclusion:  had he followed me around, hiking and walking, he probably wouldn't even have any heart problems.  :-)

How grateful we are that Elwin is all better now.  He's back to his old self; on the computer all the time...hehehe...

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