Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday, Oct. 30, Week That Belongs to the Thai Members

    We welcomed members from Thailand this week.  Last week we reported the floods in Thailand, but it didn't dampen their spirit.  We saw happy faces as we entered the temple on Tuesday, Oct. 25.  They came...knowing the floods might come during their absence.  On Friday night, a dreadful phone call came.  One of the sisters lost her home to the floods.  She was told she could not go back to her house.  It was gone.  She was sobbing...we all surrounded her and hugged her.  Then, she smiled...a beautiful Thai smile that we all know.  She said:  the Lord will take care of me.  What humble people!  I know why they come to Hong Kong.  They come to teach us.  What a group of faithful saints!  We love them all.  There were also 3 members from Beijing visiting the temple.  Two of them were there for the first time.  They brought such beautiful spirit.  We were so happy that we were able to speak to them in Mandarin Chinese. 

    We received a phone call while we were out running errands on our p-day, Monday, Oct. 24.  Sister Chan Ping insisted that she already bought groceries to treat us to a home-made dinner.  In a humble one room, kitchen and bathroom apartment, she fixed up 6 dishes and invited 6 people to come to eat with her.  We were sitting on her bed, on her son's bed, both in the "living room", and we had a great time.  Again, these humble people are here to teach us about being humble.

     On Tuesday, Dr. Liu, our Chinese Medicine doctor treated us to a wonderful fish lunch. On Thursday, he took us to a Buddhist temple to have a vegetarian lunch.  It was so good!  Wow, my vegetarian friends, wish you were with us that day.   Dr Liu is teaching us about eating healthily.  He's doing a very good job.
At Fung Ying Sin Koon 66 Pak Wo Road, 蓬瀛仙館, Fanling
    Saturday, we were looking forward to the Branch outing, but lo...Elder Davis got sick.  I swear...he doesn't like trips.  He would work himself sick, so he wouldn't have to go.  Hmmmm...I was ready to leave him as he said he would be okay.  But, I know better, he'd spend all day on the computer.  But, he'd have a good time.  On the other hand, he may get sicker and need some help.  Would I feel good leaving him, and would I have a good time at the outing without him?  Yes!  Absolutely  :-)  I called Pres. Lin immediately and told him the situation.  He and Sharon were very understanding and encouraged me to go if I could.  After more prayers, I decided to stay behind.  I got on the web and found out where they went and got enough information that we'd be able to take Elaine and her family there when they come to visit.

    It turned out to be a fun day.  Elwin did get better and asked if I'd go out for a walk with him.  We walked to Luen Wo Hui and did some grocery shopping.  It was so nice to have help carrying the groceries.  We took a bus home afterwards and was really glad that I stayed home with him.

   I was able to attend the coordinators' training at the temple that afternoon since I was available.  It was great to see all the coordinators there.  They are very committed people and I was glad that I could attend.  Sister Aki treated us with a delicious dinner afterwards.  Michele Dean and I hopped on the MTR and went home.  It was a good day.

    Sunday at the Victoria III Mandarin Speaking Branch was amazing.  The chapel was full of investigators and visitors from China.  Sisters Hu and Zheng were confirmed members of the Church and were given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was a day not to be forgotten.

Sister Hu and Sis Zheng on their Baptism Day

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