Monday, November 15, 2010

MTC training - day 6, Nov. 15

This week is temple training week...we are very excited!

    The rain and snow this morning didn't dampen our spirits.  In fact, the snow-capped mountains were beautiful!   The picture below is a summertime picture of the Provo temple.  We'll post a picture later of the snow on the mountains.
    People ware so friendly at the temples, especially Provo Temple.  We had a wonderful morning with the Hammonds.  They gave us words of encouragement.  Nice people.  In our group, there are people going to Germany, Paraguay, Chile, Nova Scotia, Hawaii and Hong Kong.  It's fun meeting these very interesting people.  They are very dedicated people.

    At lunch we met several young Asian missionaries.  One of them almost cried when I asked him how the food was.  He missed his mom's cooking.  One of the young men came from far northern China, just south of Siberia.  It was so fun to listen to him talk.  He wanted to know why he couldn't serve more than one mission.  What enthusiasm!  Great kids!

   The Hammonds came to be with us again in the afternoon.  Then, we had dinner with Brian, our Cantonese tutor.  We talked about Hong Kong and the Cantonese language.  We all agreed that it might be one of the hardest language to learn with 7 tones.  Have no fear, we'll get it..... someday.  :-)

   Good news!  Our colleagues in Hong Kong may have found us an apartment to live in.  Hooray!  The apartment is less than 500 square feet but more than $1000 a month.  That's pretty expensive square footage, but it is nearly penthouse level - second floor from the top.  I think that it was the 27th story.  We wonder what a typhoon or earthquake will be like.

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  1. That's really cool! Good luck with the language. We are proud of you. Have a good time. How many new people have you met? Is it fun? Love you guys.-- Wiley kids