Friday, November 19, 2010

MTC Training - Day 9, Nov. 18

Can hardly believe this is the last day of training for us.  We appreciate the Hammonds for taking time to be with us this week.  They truly are good examples for all of us, and the epitomy of how Christians should behave.  They admonished us to remember 3 things:  love, humility, and patience.  My order should be patience, love and humility.  What a learning experience this has been.  

We had a delicious lunch with our colleagues.  The chicken with lobster filling was delicious.  Since we packed this morning before leaving Nelson's, we were able to just hop in the car and head back to St. George. 

We met Cami and the boys at Costco in St. George since we were all going there.  (I think Elwin and I were having a Costco withdrawl).  It was quite a reunion.  Max kept calling Baba and put his head on Grandpa's shoulder and wouldn't let go of him.  It's going to be hard leaving these sweet grandchildren.

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  1. Chicken with lobster filling? They didn't have that when I was in the MTC!

    I'm sure Kang and Cami's boys will miss you both tons. Watch out- they might crawl into your suitcases!

    We will miss you too even though we don't see you often but I think when you were in China we talked the most so we're looking forward to talking to you more again when you go! :-)