Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MTC Training - Day 7, Tue. Nov 16

A view from Nelson's house in the morning

Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ

     Tuesday is a special day at MTC because at 7 PM, there is a weekly devotional as we mentioned in last week's blog.  My friend Hazel would be proud of us...most people were in their seats by 6:40.  The choir director started the music for us to sing.  Then, at 6:50 everyone was there.  It was amazing.  They did say to be in your seat by 6:50.  Senior missionaries had reserved seatings, so we were told to be in our seat by saving seats.  After 6:40 the seats would be given away.  Honestly, most everyone was there by 6:30.  What a show of respect for the people in charge and the speaker.

    The speaker was Kevin Pearson, a former mission president in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington.  He's in the first quorum of the Seventy (for my non-LDS friends, this is a relatively high position in the Church) and has held many other leadership positions.  A graduate of University of Utah, and having received his Ph.D. from Harvard, he was a great speaker. He told us to rely on the Holy Ghost to teach us, to make moral choices.  He said that we are free to act as we want, but are also accountable for our actions, or lack thereof.  The Holy Ghost is here to help us develop our divine identity.  We should ask ourselves if we are committed to become a disciple of Christ.  When we realize that we are a disciple of Jesus Christ, then we will know who we truly are.  Those are great words of wisdom.

    Various people came to talk to us about the significance of the temple today.  We also had some people talk to us about the day-to-day operations of the temple.  We toured the laundry facility.  Wow, it was more like a science lab.  It was amazing.

    The food at the Provo Temple was super.  All in all, we had another great day.   

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  1. How cool that you got to go on a tour of the temple! Being a senior missionary has its privileges!