Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Choir sang on May 15, 2011

    Yes, Victoria III Branch sang at the District Conference today!  It was a miracle!  Two weeks ago, we started practicing as we were invited to sing at the Conference on May 15.  About 40 people stayed for the choir practice each week.  Naomi and Ben Tai selected two songs and sent us the links to where 2 Polynesian sisters sang one of the songs in various arrangements.  I listened to them in disbelief!  They really sounded great!  But we are going to sing in arrangements like them? How? I don't know enough about music to pull this off in just two weeks!

     Listen to them, if you have time.

    Then listen to the Mormon Tabernancle Choir singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives":

    My fear was confirmed when we found out that most of the 40+ people who stayed for the practice did not know what singing in parts meant, nor did they know what they sang.  So, the few who knew, practiced a few times with the newbies.   On top of that, someone had the bright idea that we should bring in the older Primary girls to sing with us, a different song, but  the music should match well.  Heck, I have a hard time singing my part, let alone trying to merge two songs...

    In any case, it happened...on the Conference day, we first sang "I Know My Redeemer Lives" with everyone singing the 1st verse in unison, and then the Primary girls sang "I Feel My Savior's Love".  After that verse, everyone joined in singing the 4th verse, while the Primary girls sang the 2nd verse of "I Feel My Savior's Love" until the chorus. Then together, everyone sang harmony.  It was the scariest moment to me to direct such complicated pieces of music.  But it happened...they all came together and sounded great!  When the others know what to do and follow a lead, they inspire! 

     For the second song, we sang "How Firm a Foundation".  Three brethren sang the first verse, with baritone singing the first line, tenor came in on the second line, then the bass came in.  It was angelic.  Then the sisters sang the second verse in parts, and ended with everyone singing the 3rd verse.  I truthfully don't remember if each sang parts, or unison, or what in this verse, but they all smiled and it sounded great.  For me, it was a defining moment, the Spirit does help those who try.  As a director, I was getting all the kudos after the Conference when I knew I didn't deserve any of those.  Heaven did help us.  Thank you, thank you!

     I came home Sunday and crashed.  I took a nice long Sunday afternoon nap.  For dinner, we had chicken pasta.  It was delicious.  Later Sunday afternoon, I got the dreaded phone call from the Branch President.  He said:  you did such a good job, we need to start a choir.  I wanted to dig a hole and hide in there forever.  For those who know me, I do not have much musical talent, even though I love music.  

     What happened before that beautiful Sunday was all a blur.   I do remember meeting a sweet lady from India.  She found us on the web and we connected.  When I saw her at the temple, I got the feeling that it was her.  I never met anyone online like that, so it was a special experience.  This lady had the desire to come to the Lord's temple, and her good husband took care of the children for her so she could.  It was beautiful.  I also met a lady from China.  She had just one day in Hong Kong and wanted to come to the Temple.  She also wanted to do some work for her grandmother.  It was a miracle that with the help of the temple staff, we were able to get her ready and do all of the prep work.  It was the most intense 60 minutes I've ever had at the Temple.  Working with these workers was an amazing experience.  They sensed what we needed and stepped in, without a word, and we just got the work done.  What can I say?  It's been wonderful working with these people at the Temple and in the Branch.


  1. Isn't wonderful how the Spirit helps us do more than what we could do on our own? I think this is part of the Atonement that we don't often consider.

  2. Sister Shirley, So good to read ur blog.. and for writing abt me.. take care.. my regards to eld davis