Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Picture Tour of Shirley's Hike

Friday, May 27, 2011

     Don't have to be at the Temple until 2:15, so I decided to go on a longer hike this morning.
  1. Ground 0 - that's our apartment on the 26th floor, G Building.  Started off at 8:35 AM, I took off going south along San Wan Road.  Follow the road to the Overpass to cross the railroad track and also Fanling Highway.  It is about a 10 degrees incline on the Overpass.
  2. Reach the Avon Park within minutes.  There were people doing kung fu, walking, jugging, dancing, doing exercises on the park equipment, walking dogs, pushing strollers, wheel chair, etc.  
  3. The Chinese instrument group meets at the pagoda playing their music.  The group consists of 5-8 old gentlemen, enjoying themselves at the park and sharing their talents.
  4. The Park has a ball field, open air theater, lots of old banyan trees.
  5. Ground 1 - Entrance to the Wu Tip Trail/Mountain.
  6. A nursing home is on the right after the entrance.
  7. Nice trail, with about 8% incline, mostly, but after the 3rd rest stop area, the steps become more steep.
  8. Ground 2 - a little "Guan Yin and Buddha altar", one can hear the Buddhist music coming from the Buddhist middle school off the trail. There are benches to sit and rest!
  9. Ground 3 - quite steep stairs to lead you to where there is a covered pagoda and a patio for people to do kung fu, dance and whatever exercises you see there.
  10. Ground 4 - the top of the Wu Tip Trail, after many steep steps.  You can choose to come back down on the same trail, go right to the northern end of the trail, or turn left and go down to Wah Ming Estate.
  11. I chose to go down to Wah Ming Estate.  The steps down are steep, but the views are  spectacular.
  12. It was 3.8 km from Ground 4 to Wah Ming Estate.  I made it by 10:15 (started @8:35)
  13. Grocery shopping @ Wah Ming Estate:  a wet market, Park and Shop, a bakery, a few restaurants there.
  14. A mini bus 52A, and big bus #273 would take me back to Fanling Rail Station.
  15. Couldn't find the station (too exhausted to find it), so I walked home.
  16. Walk down Wah Ming Road, then through Avon Park, the Overpass, then home sweet home.
  17. The whole trip took a little over 3 hours, including grocery shopping (about 45 minutes).
  18. It was a fun, moderate hike.  I would recommend it to everyone.




  1. What a beautiful place that you live! I'm so excited to experience them in person!

  2. That's quite a walk you took! How many miles do you think you walked?