Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

    We had our fast and testimony meeting today and several of the sisters who received their endowments the day before shared their testimonies.  One such lady went up to share her testimony.  She started speaking in Mandarin, but then she said: I'm speaking in Cantonese because I'm too excited that I can't speak in Mandarin.  She started talking very fast in Cantonese.  Her home-teacher went on stage to help her translate since most people there didn't speak Cantonese, but she was speaking so fast that he couldn't put in a word.  It was so funny, but also so spiritual at the same time.  We couldn't understand what she said, but we sure understood her heart and the messages she gave us.  Is that called the gift of interpretation?

    On another note, our Branch has been asked to sing in the District Conference on May 15, 2 weeks away.  I don't know how I got volunteered to be the conductor, but it happened.  I could not convince anyone that I didn't know how to conduct a choir.  So, I asked for the first practice after Church today.  Everyone, or almost everyone stayed for the practice.  What an amazing spirit they have here.  Sister Dai picked the music and Sister Pai will play the piano.  We also have 10 missionaries who will sing with us.  Heaven helps us!

   We were invited to the Dai's for dinner after church.  They also invited the 10 missionaries, the Branch president and his wife, the Elder's Quorum president and his daughter, and one more person.  They took us in their car, and asked their older children to take the bus with the missionaries.  When we got to their house, the food was all ready.  They have an Indonesian lady who cooked and it was very nice.  There was a pot of delicious curried rice, an Indonesia dish with vegetables, tofu and a special hot sauce, chicken wings, a salad dish over rice, and desserts of brownies and carrot cake.  Everything was so delicious.   Their living room is bigger than our whole apartment.  They live in Causeway Bay and it was very nice.

   As I was talking to Sister Dai, who is Japanese, I mentioned Elaine had served a mission in Fukuoka.  She remembered Elaine, or Sister Davis as they served on the same mission and also because Elaine was the only American sister missionary there.  What a small world!  They have 6 lovely children, ages 2 - 14 and Elaine has 5, ages 3-14.  It'll be fun for them to get together when Elaine and her family come to Hong Kong later this year.

  It was a fun day as we also got to talk to most of our children Sunday night.  Monday is a public holiday in Hong Kong, and we have to work at the temple, so no p-day this week.  The temple is open on public holidays so that those who generally cannot come due to work schedules and family considerations can attend on those days; needless to say, the temple is especially busy on those days.


  1. Church Choir! How exciting! I think if anyone can do it, you can! I wish I could be there.

    BTW, there were other American sisters there, it was just that I was the newest for a long time. Toma Shimai and I also both worked at the MTC together if I remember right.

    Hang in there! Love you.

  2. I guess directing choirs is another hidden talent you have!I'm sure it will be great. And it sounds like with all those great members too you'll really be able to bring the spirit in for the conference!