Saturday, April 30, 2011

Victoria III Branch

    We belong to the Victoria III Branch, the Mandarin-speaking branch of the Church in HK.  It's an awesome branch.  We were asked by the branch president to teach a temple preparation class.  There were 5 people in our class.  Our goals were to teach them about the importance of the temples in the world today and to develop a desire in our students to go to the temple. 

    Today, Saturday, April 30, 2011, it happened.  Five people came to the HK Temple for the first time.  They are humble, faithful, sweet saints, who understand the importance of temple blessings and made the decision to enter the House of the Lord.  The missionaries brought them into the gospel and now, they have made a giant step and are receiving bounteous temple blessings.  We are so pleased, thrilled and grateful for their devotion.

   One of the ladies had a special escort.  The missionary who baptized her a year and half ago in Hong Kong could not come for the occasion, but sent his mom.  His mother is from Hong Kong, but they all live in Canada.  So, she came.  It was very special.  We had 23 people from the Branch attending, supporting these new temple participants. 

   This is to be one of our happiest days since we came to Hong Kong. 


  1. That's really amazing! What commitment to their baptism covenants!

  2. Yay! That reminds me of the part in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah where the people are getting baptized at the waters of Mormon. It talks about how beautiful it is to the people who came to a knowledge of the Redeemer there. I imagine you will feel that way about Hong Kong seeing people you love go through the temple there!