Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 10 - General Conference in Asia

    Traditionally, General Conference of the Church is held the first weekend in April.  So, naturally, people expect to have the conference on April 3 and 4.  But, not in Asia.  Because of the time difference (we are 14 hours ahead), and language translations, Hong Kong has Conference the week after Salt Lake to give them time to have the translations done.  So, on April 9 and 10, members of the Church attend General Conference in Asia with Mandarin and Cantonese dubbed already.

    Elwin and I couldn't wait until this week to watch the Conference, because it's ready online, in English only.  So we already watched most of it.  We did save one to watch today, Sunday.  Since Elwin was in the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday, we spent some time watching the Conference sessions.  It was pretty cool.

    To watch, listen, read or download the whole Conference, go to:




  1. Hello! I think I read in one of your blog entries that you met with some members from Hainan. I really need your help. I will be travelling to Hainan in June and would love to know if there are any Meetings held anywhere on the island. I hope I wouldn't have to travel to far. I will be staying near Sanya. Please HELP! My email is

  2. There are local members of the Church there, but not a branch or group for non-Chinese members. As you may know, the government doesn't allow us to meet together. There are no restrictions in Hong Kong, however. Will let you know if I find out otherwise.

  3. I remember waiting over a month to hear the conference. Then I think we ended up only seeing one session, but doing the translation for it, so not really paying as much attention as we might have otherwise.

  4. I remember waiting for a long time in Korea too. And I don't remember being able to watch all of it either. It's so nice to have it available online to read, watch or listen to. No excuses not to know what they said! :-)