Thursday, April 28, 2011

locked out

    So it happened...arrived home at 10 PM and to our dismay, no keys.  Elwin left his keys in the locker at the temple, and I didn't carry my keys.  We asked the front desk of the apartment complex what he could do for us and was told that he would call for a lock smith that would cost the equivalent of US$30.  Not a good choice!  So we thought about our options...didn't bring a phone either, so no phone numbers.  But I had a temple schedule card in the backpack, and it had the temple phone numbers.  Unfortunately, the temple was closed and, therefore, no answers.  Hmmm...

    Next option, take the light rail back to the temple...but then, no way to get anyone to open the door.  By the time we found someone, or got someone's attention, it would be too late for light rail.  What's next?

   Yes, the Wilson's live not far away, but which building, and which apartment?  We've been there a time or two, certainly we could remember, even though all those apartments look alike.  But I do remember seeing them walking out of the apartment across from Park and Shop Grocery Store.  So, we went...with Elwin being an American, and not any American would walk into an apartment complex in the middle of the night, the doorman opened the front door to let us in.  I remembered their apartment being on the 10th floor, so I asked the doorman for the apartment number and was told that I wasn't allowed to go up if I didn't know the number.  After describing which one I thought it was, we were allowed to go up.

   It was like the vision being opened, we walked right to the door.  But, the security was impeccable and the door bell was weak because of a low battery.  We tapped using a pen to reach through the iron gate enclosing the front door.  We were consistent and coupled with the prayers, after 15 or seemingly forever minutes, the Wilson came to the door and, of course, were surprised to see us.  We were invited in and treated with cookies and lemonade as we tried to come up with solutions.  Bob was ready to take Elwin back to the temple to fetch the keys, but then Helga had a better idea.  Let's call President Aki.  After all, he lives at the temple.  So we did.  President Aki went to the locker and found Elwin's keys and drove them to Fanling to rescue us.   Isn't it ironic that President Aki brought us a key!  He's a man with many keys.  We love and appreciate him.

    Lesson learned:  take your keys wherever you go, pray, pray and pray often.

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  1. Wow! What an adventure! Do you carry your keys with you now? I'm always misplacing my keys!