Sunday, December 5, 2010

At Home in Hong Kong

     The two Hong Kong senior missionary couples, the Wilson's and the Bishop's, worked tirelessly to find us an apartment, or a flat, here in Hong Kong.  They found us a newly renovated flat in Fanling, New Territories in Kowloon.  When the Aki's, the Temple President and his wife, brought us to the apartment, the Wilson's and the Bishop's were here to welcome us.  They, along with the temple staff, had come and spent a lot of time cleaning up the flat for us.  They furnished the apartment, stuffed the pantries with food, refrigerator with milk, OJ, vegetables and fruits.  It was so wonderful.  We can not express our thanks to them enough.

    Here are the addresses of our house.  If you are sending us a card, please use the first one which comes right to our apartment.  If you are sending a package, please send it to the temple on Cornwall Street. 
2608 (Flat 8, 26th Floor) Block G
33 San Wan Road
Fanling, NT, Hong Kong

the Temple address for postal service:
               #2 Cornwall Road
               c/o Hong Kong China Temple
               Kowloon-Tong, Kowloon
               Hong Kong, China

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  1. It reminds me so much of my mission apartments, but nicer. We did have a furo to soak in though. Love.