Sunday, December 12, 2010

shoppers' world (updated 12/16)

    Hong Kong is known as the shopping mecca of the world for a long time until China's large cities started competing.  But, still, it's a great place for bargain shopper like me.
   Our apartment is right next to the Fanling Mall.  When we come down from our 26th floor, the guard (yes, the place has a doorman/woman on guard 24/7), there is the Seven-Eleven next door, a spa, a buffet restaurant, then the mall with hundreds of stores.  To go to the MTR subway station, about a 10-minute walk, if we go through the mall, we'd go pass at least 3 or 4 bakeries, several restaurants, shops for anything you can imagine, dim sum fast food, smoothie shops, 2 grocery stores...the list goes on.  It's hard to be on a diet here when temptations abound.

    We do a lot of our grocery shopping at the "park and shop" at Fanling Mall where one can find a lot of western food products.  To give you a little idea of the cost, a 6-oz Yoplait yogurt is US$1.50, a quart of milk is HK$20 or US$2.57, a bag of 24-oz oakmeal is US$4, a stick of butter is US$2.57, 4 slices of multi-grain bread US$1.30.  As you can see, western type of foods are available, but quite expensive, but fruits and vegetables are fresh and inexpensive.  One of the images below is that of a "dragon apple" with red skin outside with white and sesame seed like black spots inside.  It wasn't as sweet, so I didn't like it very much.  But star fruit is great and mangoes are plenty.  I saw several different kinds of fruits that I grew up with in Taiwan.  It was exciting. 

    There are shopping centers at each area/district.  Some are world famous, such as Stanley's Market, Tsim Sha Tsui, the Nathan Road shops, Mong Kok, Kowloon Tong, to name a few.  Elwin and I stopped at Ikea and picked up a few household items for the apartment.  The only thing is whatever you buy, you have to carry it home.  Consequently, we bought most of our stuff right by the apartment if they are available.  Carrying heavy bags can be hazardous to ones health as we experienced in China.  Not having a car to go places probably is one of the biggest adjustments for Americans here.  We are quite spoiled, aren't we?
    There are more pictures to upload.  So please come back to this page to check for updates.  Please leave a comment so I know who's been visiting our blog.


  1. Hello,
    I actually check your blog quite often. Sorry, I guess I should be commenting. :)

    Love the pictures!! Always great. I'm curious about the big Christmas tree. Are there lots of Christmas decorations? And how many people are actually Christians? Do the non-Christains celebrate Christmas, too?

    Having been to Hong Kong (when we got Claire), I really appreciate the pictures. Good memories.

    Have a wonderful holiday. We sent a Christmas card, hope it arrives OK.

    Love from me and Russ

  2. I was wondering about the Christmas season there too. That tree was bigger than any one that I've seen here so far! :-) (Of course I try not to go near the mall in December!)

    That's crazy how many stores there are around you! That really is a bustling city! I loved the food photos! Peking Duck Pizza?! Wow!

  3. I love to visit your blog--thanks for all the wonderful pictures and the commentary. I feel like you're not so far away . . . You both look great . . . and happy. Merry Christmas! Love, Judi McNeilis

  4. Wow! Sounds like a shop-aholic's paradise! It's hard to imagine Hong Kong being such a huge city, but it really is. What an adventure!

  5. Thanks for the comments. Now we know who loves us. :-)

    Yes, Christmas celebration is in full swing here. Everywhere you go you hear Christmas music and see lots of Christmas decorations. Most private schools are run by Christian and Catholic churches. According to Wiki, the region is home to approximately 700,000 Buddhists and Taoists, 320,000 Protestant Christians, 243,000 Roman Catholics, 90,000 Muslims, 40,000 Hindus, 8,000 Sikhs, and 4,000 practicing Jews.

  6. It is all so exciting. You two look so good...
    Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas.

    I love the apartment called togetherness:)

    Love ya. Lucille

  7. Thanks for the great pictures. I shoped at that big mall and ate at some of the restaurants. It felt like being back in Hong Kong. Such a treat! Have a wonderful Christmas. Miss you!!

  8. Shirley,
    I want to go shopping with you! :)
    I am glad things are going well for you there, we miss you here. I am sad we didn't see you before you left. I'll keep an eye on those cute grandsons of yours! Merry Christmas!

    -Jill Magnesen

  9. Oh my shopping companion.... have you had time to have your fingernails painted and your feet massaged?

    I know you are having an amazing experience, and we are proud of you