Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saying good-bye to our family

    It had to be the hardest thing to do - say good-bye to our family before leaving for the mission in Hong Kong.

     We planned something to do almost everyday.  Hiking was on the top of the list.  The kids got to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Of course, there was tons of food.  Everyone complained that they've gained weight.  Well, that was why grandma planned all the hikes.

     Then it was time to say good-bye!

@ the St. George Airport

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  1. We can't say, "Welcome back; we've missed you!" if you never leave. :) Just so you know, we didn't complain AND didn't gain any weight! (I think we're finally figuring out getting the hang of spending the holidays there).
    On a different note, are you having fun? We hope you're having a good time. Love, Wileys