Friday, December 31, 2010

A flower show in Fanling on 12/28, updated w/ more pics on 1/4

   On our way home from the temple, we decided to stop to see the flower show just west of the Fanling subway station.  It was about 4 PM when we got there (temple schedule was 7:30 am - 3 pm that day), but there was still a big crowd since it was the last day of the show.

   What we saw was very amazing.  Elwin took a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  I missed posting a bunch of the bonsi trees.  They were so pretty.  You have to see them.  Also, the orchards were out of this world.  All so pretty.




  1. Dad's quite the photographer! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Bailey & I had a great time watching your slide show! She was sure that someone had painted the fish!

  3. Please tell Bailey we'll take her to an aquarium when she's older Don't you think she'll enjoy that? Thanks for reading our blog.